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Wine Tour

The wine cellar of Guramishvili (Wine Tasting) - is a historical monument of the 18th century which is one of the brightest in the sphere of winemaking as here the most ancient and unique “kvevri” (the clay jug kept deep in ground) are protected and “Satsnakheli” (wine press). Exactly there will be a wine-making from vineyards of Ilia Chavchavadze.


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Day 1: Wine Tour Kartli wineries

The wine cellar of Guramishvili (Wine Tasting) - is a historical monument of the 18th century which is one of the brightest in the sphere of winemaking as here the most ancient and unique “kvevri” (the clay jug kept deep in ground) are protected and “Satsnakheli” (wine press). Exactly there will be a wine-making from vineyards of Ilia Chavchavadze.

Château Mukhrani - wine-making firm which possesses winery in the village of Mukhrani. It is unique and interesting for many reasons at once. Now it is one of the few wineries of the region of Kartli. Here do “Goruli Mtsvane” - white wine, which industrially is not produced anywhere else. Here it is possible to see a muscat, rare for Georgia. The winery possesses Bagration-Mukhransky' estate, the park and the stable.

The Georgian wine chamber - is in the center of Mtskheta, opposite to convent. In the four-storeyed building there is Cellar of King Mirian, a chamber of wine, wine restaurant, east cafe with an open verandah.

The beautiful structure of "The Georgian wine chamber" of traditional architecture consists of four floors. On each of them guests have a fine opportunity to touch the Kakhetian traditional method of production of wine which is famous for the continuous history numbering about 8 thousand years.

Lunch at Salobie Restaurant.

Return to the city of Tbilisi.

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Night in Hotel

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Day 2: Kakheti wineries

Wine Tunnel - Winery of Hareba - (Tasting of wine) - the Kvareli tunnel is one of the world's largest wine storage. Length of all its fifteen drifts is 7.5 km. Deeply in marble firmament of the rock the main hall of a collection of wines is hidden. Temperature in drifts in the winter and in the summer is 14 ° at which vintage red wines have to be matured. Return to the city of Tbilisi. Alexander Chavchavadze's house museum in Tsinandali. (Tasting of wine) - In Kakheti there is a large village of Tsinandali - famous center of winemaking where the family estate of princes of Chavchavadze is located. The house museum is a magnificent sample of the rich estate XIXV., with the fine terraces opening a breathtaking view of the Alazani valley. In House museum interiors of an office, bedrooms, dining room and kitchen are recreated. Here it is possible to see furniture, magnificent household items, the old watch, magnificent services, the century grand piano presented by Alexander Griboyedov to the bride Nino Chavchavadze. Winery "Shumi" (Tasting of wine) - is located in the village of Tsinandali, it borders the known museum of Chavchavadze. This person became the founder of the first winery in the territory of Georgia. The name of the plant was chosen with an ulterior motive as in translation "Shumi" means "high-quality undiluted wine". The Griffin (Faskundzhi) became a symbol of the company. On an ancient legend, this animal brought to people the first cluster of grapes with which the wine-making craft began. Dinner and Night in Hotel Savaneti in Ikalto 4*

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Day 3: Return in Tbilisi

Breakfast in hotel. Return in Tbilisi Tbilisi city tour Abanotubani - sulfur baths (persons interested can visit sulfuric baths) - quarter in the center of Tbilisi, known for the complex of baths standing on natural sulphurous sources. Constructed at different times - in XVII — XIX centuries, present baths form by themselves the certain quarter of the city which is the popular place for residents and for numerous tourists. Holy Trinity Cathedral - the main cathedral of the Georgian orthodox church which is in Tbilisi, on St. Ilya's hill (the left coast of the river Kura). There are 13 thrones in cathedral; the lower temple is in honor of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Church of Metekhi - on the stony river bank Kura, on the small height, there is witness of the centuries-old history of Tbilisi – Metekhi Church. At first there was the palace of local kings, which presumably was built by Vakhtang Gorgasali - the founder of the city Tbilisi. Church itself, which remained today, was constructed in the 12th century. Narikala fortress (rise on the cableway) - a serf complex of various eras in old Tbilisi. The exact time of the basis of fortress in Tbilisi is unknown, but in IV a century it already existed and was called the "Invidious Fort". At David the builder the Arab fortress was strengthened and expanded. The modern name was given, as it is considered, by Mongols. Close to modern the Tbilisi citadel took a form in the 12-13th centuries, however the earthquake of 1827 caused it an irreplaceable loss. In the 1990th Attempts of restoration of a Narikala were made, in particular, the St. Nicholas church existing in the territory of fortress in XII a century was built up. Lunch Free time. You will be able to take a walk around the city, to make purchases and buy souvenirs for the relatives. Dinner Transfer to Tbilisi airport.

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