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7 days in Georgia

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7 days in Georgia

Sightseeing tours of the most popular cities and attractions of Georgia: Signagi, Kakheti, Ikalto, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gudauri, Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe, Gori, Vardzia, Borjomi and Tbilisi.

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Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi

Transfer to the hotel.

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Day 2: Kakheti

Time of the beginning of the tour - 9:30

Distance - about 220 km

Breakfast in hotel

The city of Sighnaghi - is located on the high mountain standing in the middle of the picturesque valley. The city is stretched on terraces that connect twisting curve streets. The city preserved the architecture of the 19th century. Buildings of the city are built in the southern Italian style, with the Georgian elements. Around the old city the fortification with towers, the largest fortress of Georgia remained. Having got on a fortress tower, it is possible to admire unique landscapes of the Alazani valley and mountains of the Caucasian ridge. Sighnaghi is called «the city of love».

Sightseeing of the city Sighnaghi.

Lunch at the restaurant.

Bodbe Monastery - In the monastery is buried St Nino - she distributed Christianity in Georgia. According to legend, she had crossed entire country, healing people and preaching Christianity. She is buried in Bodbe where holy water (which arose thanks to Nino's prayers) still flows.

The monastery Nekresi - is founded in the 6th century and throughout all the history constantly suffered from any attacks of robbers and aggressors. The monastery Nekresi still works. The temple of the 4th century – one of the most ancient in all Georgia is distinguished from its constructions. Small and unsightly outside, inside he hides quite interesting frescos and a collection of carved wooden chairs of «Stasidia».

Gremi - an architectural monument of the 16th century - imperial fortress. The city Gremi was capital of Kakheti kingdom in the 16-17th centuries. Based by Levan Kakhetinsky, the capital was the imperial residence and the busy trade city of the Great Silk way. The city, presumably, occupied the space in 40 hectares and consisted of three main parts - churches of Archangels, the imperial residence and the shopping area.

Batoni's fortress - is located in Telavi. This fortress served as the residence of the Kakhetian kings in the 17-18th centuries. For the first time in 1667, the king Archil built on this place the palace, a bath, and a church at court. And the fencing and constructions of household purpose were built later, at the time of Erekle II. The palace itself represents one big hall with 6 square meter rooms. That the palace is one of the best examples of Iranian architecture.

Night in hotel in Telavi.

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Day 3: Kakheti

Time of the beginning of a tour - 9:30

Distance - about 170 km

Dzveli (old) Shuamta Monastery - an ancient monument near Telavi in the village of Shuamta. It represents ensemble from several ancient churches. The small church standing on the foreground is dated the 5th century, other two – big and small dome churches - by the 7th century. The big church is very similar to Jvari Church in Mtskheta. In churches paintings of the 12th century remained.

Alaverdi - the cathedral of the 11th century (Saint George's cathedral) and a monastic complex in Akhmeta municipality of Kakheti.

Height of cathedral is about 50 m; height of internal space is over 42 m. Before the construction of The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi the cathedral Alaverdi was the highest church construction of Georgia. In cathedral paintings of the 15th century remained. The cathedral Alaverdi is presented to the list the World heritage of UNESCO.

Ikalto - Ancient academy Ikalto is famous that here, according to the legend, the outstanding Georgian poet of the 12th century – Shota Rustaveli studied. The academy is included into a complex of the monastery of the Saint Zenon, located in 8 km from Telavi. Besides Ikalto the monastic ensemble based by the Reverend Zenon includes small churches of Sameba (Trinity, 6th century), Saviour’s Transfiguration (the VIII-IX centuries), Virgin Mary (9th century). All of them were restored in the 19th century. In one of churches Zenon from Ikalto relics are based. The Academy building – the latest (12th century). Nowadays, there are only fragments left from it. The building of Academy was not restored after destruction by hordes of the Shah Abbas I in 1616. In due time the Academy founded by David the Builder was one of the important cultural and educational centers of Georgia.

Lunch at restaurant.

Alexander Chavchavadze's house museum in Tsinandali. (Tasting of wine) - In Kakheti there is a large village of Tsinandali - famous center of winemaking where the family estate of princes of Chavchavadze is located. The house museum is a magnificent sample of the rich estate XIXV., with the fine terraces opening a breathtaking view of the Alazani valley. In House museum interiors of an office, bedrooms, dining room and kitchen are recreated. Here it is possible to see furniture, magnificent household items, the old watch, magnificent services, the century grand piano presented by Alexander Griboyedov to the bride Nino Chavchavadze.

Wine tasting in Tsinandali.

Return to the city of Tbilisi

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Day 4: Ananuri - Kazbegi

Time of the beginning of a tour - 9:30

Distance - about 300 km

Breakfast in hotel

Ananuri fortress - is located in Georgia on the Georgian Military Road in 70 km from Tbilisi where the small river Vedzatkhevi joins Aragvi. Ananuri served as the main strong point for the lord of Aragvi, governors of this edge. Fortress belongs to an early feudal era and served as a defense outpost, blocking the road conducting from the Darial Gorge. Ananuri belonged to one of the strongest feudal family of late medieval Georgia - lord of Aragvi.

Gudauri - the known ski resort (2379 meters from sea level). From the Arch of friendship the surprising view of mountains opens.

The temple of the Holy Trinity in Gergeti - the complex of the Georgian architecture surrounded with a stone wall is located at the height of 2.2 thousand meters above sea level. The complex includes the temple of the Trinity (the 30th years of the 14th century), the bell tower (the 14th century) and the place for meetings (the 15th century). In Soviet period the church was closed, but after the church service renewed.

Lunch at restaurant Kazbegi.

Return to Tbilisi.

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Day 5: Mtskheta – Uplistsikhe – Gori

Time of the beginning of a tour - 9:30

Distance - about 200 km

Breakfast in hotel

The state museum of I.V. Stalin - is situated his hometown Gori. The museum complex was open in 1957. In a lodge where Stalin was born, the memorial museum was open at his life in 1937. The memorial lodge, Stalin's train car and the two-storied exposition building enter a museum complex. In the museum unique exhibits are collected: memorial things, gifts, art cloths, and photo and film documents. The stationary exposition telling about life and Stalin's activity is placed in six halls.

Uplistsikhe (God's Fortress) — the ancient cave city, one of the first cities in the territory of Georgia. Uplistsikhe is cut in the rock at the end of II — at the beginning of the I millennium BC. Is a multilayered archaeological object, one of the most important monuments of the Georgian culture. The uniqueness of a monument is that it, thanks to the construction, remains of the architectural and cult constructions created throughout several millennia. During Uplistsikhe's days of prosperity I included more than 700 caves and cave constructions from which only 150 remained so far.

Lunch restaurant in Mtskheta.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - is the oldest Christian cathedral in Georgia. The cathedral represents the huge building, with big domes, with the beautiful facades decorated with decorative arches and a skillful carving. The temple was built in honor of 12 apostles.

Jvari Monastery - the monastery and the temple of VII century. It is located at mountain top at confluence of the Kura and Aragvi near Mtskheta — where, according to historical sources, Saint Nino erected a cross. Jhvari — one of architecture masterpieces on perfection of architectural forms and the Georgia's first monument of the world heritage.

Return to the city of Tbilisi.

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Day 6: Vardzia – Borjomi

Time of the beginning of tour - 9:30

Distance - about 300 km

Breakfast in hotel

Fortress Rabat — medieval fortress in the south of Georgia, in the city of Akhaltsikhe, in the territory of the historic Area of Meskheti. The big fortress in the city of Akhaltsikhe which is recently globally reconstructed. By hearsay, at reconstruction Rabat was tried to be made a little similar to Jerusalem. The word "Rabat" has Arab origin - it means “any strengthened place”. The territory Rabat is quite large; examples of the Georgian, Turkish and Russian architecture meet there.

Lunch in the restaurant.

Vardzia is the ancient cave monastic complex 12-13 of a century cut in rocks, generation of an era of the Golden Age. Construction of the city is attributed to the queen Tamar, but the first caves were created in government of her father George III (1156 - 1184). Giorgi III did not succeed in completing the building of Vardzia. The construction was brought to an end by his daughter Tamar. Most of the rock-hewn chambers in the city were intended for residence. Each dwelling consists of three adjacent rooms, cut consecutively from the face into the depth of the rock along a south to north axis. The floors were connected by secret passages and holes made in the ceilings of the porticoes with wooden ladders attached to them.

The so-called Salkhino hall with an adjoining wine cellar was intended for feasts. There was also another large wine cellar (marani) with thirteen buried jars. Total number of 28 wine cellars functioned in Vardzia: 6 in the halls and 22 in the store-rooms with 235 jars containing 90 973 liters. The existence of wine-pressers and wine cellars indicates that viticulture and wine-making played an important role in Vardzian life, especially in the 15th century.

Vardzia is best known for the paintings of the main church. The images of King George III, Queen Tamar and Eristavi Rati Surameli are found in the Assumption temple, created by the master Giorgi in 1180. This is one of the four images of the great queen of such an ancient origin. Vardzia's paintings represent significant monument of the Georgian monumental painting

National Borjomi-Kharagauli park - one of the largest national parks in Europe. It covers 6 administrative units, in particular, the territory of Borjomi, Kharagauli, Khashuri, Akhaltsikhe, Abastumani and Baghdati. The park was founded in 1995 and its total area is 85,047 thousand hectares. The park is presented by well saved and protected forest inhabitants, rare and unique flora and fauna, an original and unique landscape.

Night in hotel in Borjomi

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Day 7: Return to Tbilisi

Breakfast in hotel Tbilisi city tour Distance - about 110 km a walking tour across old Tbilisi Abanotubani - sulfur baths (persons interested can visit sulfuric baths) - quarter in the center of Tbilisi, known for the complex of baths standing on natural sulphurous sources. Constructed at different times - in XVII — XIX centuries, present baths form by themselves the certain quarter of the city which is the popular place for residents and for numerous tourists. Holy Trinity Cathedral - the main cathedral of the Georgian orthodox church which is in Tbilisi, on St. Ilya's hill (the left coast of the river Kura). There are 13 thrones in cathedral; the lower temple is in honor of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fortress of Metekhi - on the stony river bank Kura, on the small height, there is witness of the centuries-old history of Tbilisi – Metekhi Church. At first there was the palace of local kings, which presumably was built by Vakhtang Gorgasali - the founder of the city Tbilisi. Church itself, which remained today, was constructed in the 12th century. Narikala fortress – (rise on the cableway) - a serf complex of various eras in old Tbilisi. The exact time of the basis of fortress in Tbilisi is unknown, but in IV a century it already existed and was called the "Invidious Fort". At David the builder the Arab fortress was strengthened and expanded. The modern name was given, as it is considered, by Mongols. Close to modern the Tbilisi citadel took a form in the 12-13th centuries, however the earthquake of 1827 caused it an irreplaceable loss. In the 1990th Attempts of restoration of a Narikala were made, in particular, the St. Nicholas church existing in the territory of fortress in XII a century was built up. A lunch at restaurant in Tbilisi. Free time Transfer to Tbilisi Airport


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